The Walking Studio


The Walking Studio is an invitation to create walks from the thoroughfares of routes regularly taken. The readymade encounters with materials and locations are an opportunity to reconsider place making as an artistic practice.

“Walking can find a place apart to come together. It fuels the desire to be involved in a new situation—going somewhere different and being in the making. Walking marks a pathway to somewhere and a return. It is a social movement undertaken within a built environment or as an encounter with nature. The art is found along the way—revealed through the observation of objects as built constructions and scenery already in place. The walker can make use of found objects incorporated within built and natural environments, which become evocative through immersion or through witnessing as a passerby”

Whitaker, P. (2021) The Art of Walking: Composing Landmarks, Performing Territory. In D. Wong and R. Lay (Eds.) Found Objects in Art Therapy: Materials and Process.