Raw Material

Francesca Aninat (2008) Arpillera 3
Raw Material: It’s Never Too Late to Mend

An invited talk and workshop at Murray Edwards College, University of Cambridge in response to the exhibition What Lies Beneath: Women, Politics and Textiles (April-August 2022).

In this workshop, we will thread our way into the fabric of our lives, using sewing for embellishment, repair and piecing together what matters. We will discover our own way of sewing, as a form of making with what we have at hand. This will not be a taught workshop, but an open space to experiment and discuss the significance of mending, women’s sewing circles, and contemporary women’s textiles. 

What Lies Beneath: Women, Politics, Textiles brings together a multi-generational, international group of women artists and collectives, using textiles to comment on politics and society. Traditionally, the history of textiles is the history of women’s work. Whether hung over beds, laid on floors or worn on the body, textiles have a unique ability to communicate collective histories and individual stories.