Making Arrangements



Making Arrangements: The Curation of Grief in the Home Studio

Pamela Whitaker and Chris McHugh

An appreciation of each person’s material culture supports relevancy within art therapy practice by encouraging participants to embrace their worldly goods as psychological and artistic possessions.

A commemorative display incorporates collections of hand-me-downs, found objects, purchased items, inherited mementos, and created symbols. In their arrangement and proximity there is a handling of our experiences in a tangible way. Within reach, they are objects we can hold on to as a composition of solace. We make with what we find at home and the assembling is a juxtaposition of life experiences both past and present. Rather than a singular artwork it is a conglomerate of parts (or influences) bound together as a forging of relations.

Making Arrangements 

Canadian Journal of Art Therapy: Research, Practice, Issues  2021