Creative Agency

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Creative Agency and Political Responses through Arts Therapy

Editor for a special  issue of the Canadian Art Therapy Association Journal in collaboration with the Canadian International Institute of Art Therapy. It highlights debates and calls to action on the topics of reconciliation, decolonization, Indigenous art therapy, cultural humility, child and youth care, cultural competence, self-compassion and culturally appropriate art materials.


Guest Editorial: Musing on Cultural Humility by Michelle Winkel

Cultural Humility in Art Therapy and Child and Youth Care: Reflections on Practice by Sikh Women by Jaspreet Bal and Rapinder Kaur

Gaining Cultural Competence through Alliances in Art Therapy with Indigenous Clients by Tzafi Weinberg

ONEBird: Integrating Mindfulness, Self-Compassion and Art Therapy by Patricia Rose Williams. 

A Proposal for Culturally Informed Art Therapy with Syrian Refugee Women: The Potential for Trauma Expression through Embroidery by Alexandra Hanania

Reconciliation: A Contemplation of the Role of Art Therapy by Jennifer Vivian.