Art Therapy and Visual Culture

Street Art


Editor for the 30th Anniversary Issue of the Canadian Art Therapy Association Journal

This journal issue is about art therapy being forthright about its capacity to inhabit the public domain. It encourages art therapy to return home to the profession’s roots in visual art, where studios, artist materials, and collaborations among artist peers prevailed. The issue also explores the significance of galleries, exhibitions and art history within art therapy.



Art Therapist Facilitated Open Studio Versus Colouring: Differences in Outcomes of Affect, Stress, Creative Agency and Self-Efficacy by Girija Kaimal, Janell L. Mensinger, Jessica Drass, Rebekka Dieterich-Hartwell

Exploring the Museum’s Images-Exploring My Image by Aphrodite Pantagoutsou, Elisabeth Ioannides, Grigoris Vaslamatzis

Creating Community and Shattering Stigma: Collaborative Arts Interventions for the Forensic Population by Jaimie Peterson and Alison Etter

Standing Tall: Students Showcase Resiliency through Body Tracings by Marygrace Berberian

Public Practice Art Therapy: Enabling Spaces Across North America by Janis Timm-Bottos