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Groundswell is a consultancy dedicated to socially engaged environmental
projects, arts and wellness and art and participation initiatives.

Project management, public events, and community education all feature as
elements of Groundswell’s practice.

Current clients include local government departments responsible for
environment, arts and library services and community organisations working
in the areas of youth, disability and inclusive arts.

Partnerships with culture venues have produced interactive exhibitions,
studios and workshops exploring contemporary and environmental art.

Public art, in the form of outdoor festivities, has combined intergenerational celebration and environmental activism.

Arts and health residencies within community and school gardens, parks, and natural environments have involved the general public and work to evoke active citizenship, skill sharing, debate, and collaborative creative expression.


This project has been funded by Louth LEADER through the Irish Government under the National Development Plan 2000-2006 and part financed by the European Union.

Groundswell is Registered with the Irish Organic Association